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We visit the villas personally and find out what is hot around and about.

We visit the villas personally and find out what is hot around and about.

We have roamed the world in our jobs, but also in our quest to find beautiful places and intriguing cultures. During one of our trips we discovered the romantic inland of Andalucía.

It proved to be a world in itself. We discovered impressive landscapes, with abundant wild life remaining only here. The famous white Moorish villages with their narrow streets. Fascinating cities like Cordoba, Granada and Seville.

An area so near and nevertheless preserved as one of the most untouched areas in Spain. We were surprised by the welcoming population. Stirred by the diversity and grandness of nature around us. Fascinated by the rich Moorish past.

We enjoyed the excellent food, tapas and wine, that reflect the rich cultural history, the abundant nature and passion of the people.

We have taken most pictures by ourselves.

We take most pictures by ourselves – even if we have to climb a power pole.

Ever since we dream of Andalucía, where there is warmth, passion, romance and life has a pleasant pace.We have stopped our careers as managers in hectic multinational companies and decided that we want to take part in the Andalucian life style.

We want others to experience this too, because we found out many people share our love for Andalucia. This is how in 2005, in the meantime quite a few years ago already, Vida Rústica was born.

Over these years, through affectionate contacts with owners of exceptional villas, we have hand-picked an exclusive selection of holiday rental villas where you can get a feel of life in Andalucía.


We invite you to contact us to find your dreamvilla and discover romantic Andalucía.


Maaike van der Gevel and Joop Kleijn

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