Andalucía Insider’s Guide

In this Andalucía guide you will find more and more information about the sights, Moorish cities, Pueblos Blancos, weather, flights and car hire. Complete with useful tips, many lovely photographs and maps.

We will help you to experience the real Andalucía.

The men come into town on horseback bringing their women in flamenco dresses.

The men come into town on horseback bringing their women in flamenco dresses.

Heading inland from the well-known Costa del Sol even only for a couple of minutes you will be totally surprised by a world unexpected. Inland Andalucía breathes the atmosphere of times long gone. With every mountain pass you cross the landscape changes dramatically.

One breathtaking view changes for the next.

The whitewashed village of Gaucin has some shops and plenty of bars and restaurants.

The picturesque whitewashed village of Gaucin is perched on a hill.

In Andalucía you will find many Pueblos Blancos (White Towns), invariably in hilltop positions, with whitewashed houses huddled around a ruined Moorish castle, piercing the deep blue sky. The white towns hanging on steep cliffs, sometimes above a charming turquoise reservoir. The winding, narrow streets provide lots of shade.

You experience the Moorish atmosphere everywhere.

Many remains of ancient cultures are an easy drive away.

The area is steeped with remains of ancient cultures.

When at the end of the afternoon – that would be about 7 p.m. in Andalucía – you would twist and turn your way up the winding road to the little marketplace, you will experience a buzzing Spanish village life. The little terraces underneath the orange trees will be crowded. The siesta has passed; the people meet on the streets and in the bars. There is laughter and noisy discussions; it is never quiet. The southern temperament shows. No one is in a hurry though. If we don’t make it today, tomorrow (“mañana”) is another day.

A typical Andalusian expression: ‘no pasa nada’ (don’t worry).

Life at a leisurely pace.

Life at a leisurely pace.

In the villages and cities soon you will experience the Andalusian habits. Walk into a tapas bar and enjoy together with the Spaniards, hanging at the bar, the most exquisite tapas: little bites, like gambas in garlic, fried octopus rings, garlic mushrooms or Secreto Iberico, the delicious ham from the famous black pigs. Accompanied of course by a Cerveza (beer) or a Tinto de Verano (red wine with lemonade and plenty of ice).

Don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you witness a spontaneous flamenco show.

Flamenco is an essential part of Andalusian culture.

Flamenco is an essential part of Andalusian culture.

Andalucia is a country jam-packed with history. A history intertwined with those of the Moors, Berbers and Arabs who have crossed over from Morocco and other parts of North Africa to Spain, and founded the Moorish empire Al-Andalus, which for more than seven centuries has been the ‘center of the world’. We will provide you with information on the three most important Moorish cities; Cordoba, the capital of Al-Andalus, Seville and Granada, the cultural center of Al-Andalus. About the Pueblos Blancos (white villages) and the beautiful National Parks. We give you a flavour of this in our Places of Interest in Andalucia.  Tips on local folklore and annual fiestas you will find in What’s Hot.

Enjoy the atmosphere of times long gone, the breathtaking landscapes –

the fantastic weather and the Andalusian temperament!

In the white towns you will witness cherished local traditions.

In the white towns you will witness cherished local traditions.

Discover Andalucía

Experience the romance of days long gone by, the spirit of flamenco and bullfights, the beauty of Pueblos Blancos and rugged Natural Parks, lazy siestas and soothing warm sunshine.



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